Monday, September 27

Wanna get lucky???

        Just 'cause I write romance doesn't mean my mind's always in the gutter!  Fact is I do want to get lucky with an agent, specifically Marisa Corvisiero of L. Perkins Agency during the Sixth "Dear Lucky Agent" Contest on Chuck Sambuchino's GLA blog.

        This month covers *gasp* Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy (adult and YA).  The top three winners all get a critique of the first 10 pages of their work by the agent judge and a free one-year subscription to

        Yes, it's right up my alley and, yes, I've sent my entries.  Well, it mentions: "no 'high fantasy' with dragons, elves or other planets please."  It was tough for me to decide whether to enter because my books involve another planet, but it's not high fantasy nor is it high sci-fi.  It doesn't read much different than a paranormal set on Earth.  The science fiction's a backdrop.

        Oh, well.  Too late 'cause the entries are off.  What's the worst that can happen?  Nothing?  Oh, I guess that's what's going on now anyway.  Can't get anywhere if you don't take a chance, right?

        Yet another contest I'm hoping to get lucky with is the Popular Fiction Contest at WD.  I have short stories ready to enter before the deadline of November 15, 2010.  Manuscript length is 4,000 words or less.  You can enter as many times as you like in all five categories:

  • Romance

  • Mystery/Crime Fiction

  • Science Fiction/Fantasy

  • Thriller/Suspense

  • Horror

  •         Anyone else entering these or any other amazing contests?  How about the Golden Heart???  How do you feel about submitting to contests?  I've heard some writers and agents say winning contests doesn't help an author get an agent or publisher.  Do you think it helps your chances, hurts them or makes no difference?

            Check out my Blogfests page if you want to get in on more of them next week.  They're a great way to get to know your fellow bloggers.  Next up are the Mash-up, They're People Too, and the Bad News Blogfests all scheduled for next week.  I might do one.  Maybe.  It was crazy this last week.  Oh what the hell.  I'll do one at least.  I'll flip a coin...


    1. I go through major phases when it comes to entering contests, as I do it about once or twice a year max.

      I'm at the point now where that I'll be happy for something I wrote makes the final cut or gets an honorable mention in a contest, but overall I'm pretty pessimistic about writing contests simply becaus I'm of the opinion that the only people that can win some of these writing contests (not all mind you, but the majority) have three little letters next to their name:


      And in their bio they're affiliated with a writing program or they teach writing at a college and/or university and have a ton of publishing credits in small semi-obscure literary journals.

      Sorry about the length of the comment, but writing contests are a personal pet peeve of mine, because I believe that they're stacked against the average writer and mostly favor those who can churn out the formulaic drivel that seems to permeate most mags/journals these days.

    2. Emm. . .I used to enter lots of writing competitions, but I've cut back because of the expense. I am thinking about the Writer's Digest because at least they have seperate categories for the genres!

    3. I've never entered an online writing contest or anything like that. I do wish you good luck though!

    4. I don't do the contests. Mostly because short stories are not my thing - I can't do short *sheepish grin*.

      Good luck to you on all fronts :)

    5. I wish I could enter the Lucky Agent contest, but my book isn't paranormal or fantasy (too bad). I have entered some contests and won, but they were mostly local, so unless it's some big, well-known contest, I don't think it will help much.

    6. Guess I'm in the wrong genre, too. I don't usually enter contests because of the expense. But best of luck to you!

    7. Good luck to you in the contests Angela!! I think they def help...I mean you get professional feedback and writer wisdom...What's not to love?

    8. I'm entering the "Dear Lucky Agent" contest. I think it does help. If nothing else your material gets read and if you're lucky it might get noticed by the right person. True the odds of the judge being the right person are slim but you never know until you try!

    9. How could winning a contest be bad? Even if it's an ugly contest, as long as there is some sort of prize than it's all good.


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