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How do you put your life in a nutshell?  If I had to list, I suppose I'd say I'm a wife, a mother of five exceptional children, and a career US Navy servicemember.  Doesn't sound too far from normal, but I think my life is much less ordinary than that.

I have a funny, crazy, creative husband, Jason, who is the center of the universe.  And speaking of outer space, our children seem to be from another planet because, despite the occasional hiccups, they're pretty consistently respectful, smart and well-behaved.  I want to know where the body-snatchers are who took the real children.

My family is my spiritual life.  They are what keeps me going and motivated, and as long as I have them, I have the world.  Right now, I have to live apart from them because I work in Southern California, but they live in Vancouver, WA.  We've been apart for over four years now, with over half of my time spent deployed, and I come home every chance I get.

While I'm away, I fill my time with just about anything I can throw in.  I love sailing, slacklining, hiking, reading, watching movies, and playing with paracord.  I tried my hand at hang gliding and Aikido and would love, love, love to get skydiving certified with my own gear.  I spend a lot of time volunteering at local non-profits.  I meet new people through my groups at Meetup.  And I spend endless hours writing and editing.

Well, that's my nutshell.  Follow my blog if you want to read more...

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