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The Worst News: Witnessed!

        Well, so what if I thought I was taking a blogfest break?  They're just too darn fun to resist sometimes.  At any rate, I mentioned I'd show more of my MCs from my second WIP.  So I thank Francine @ Romancing the Blog for her Bad News Blogfest for giving me the opportunity to share the bad news!
        In this scene, Rainee's waiting for Sen to get out of a meeting and wants to spend time with her fiance, Tom, while she waits.

            The debrief was going to take a little while, and she felt a growing need to see her fiancé.  Though she’d seen him less than ten hours earlier, it seemed like an eternity.  She didn’t even care she had blood all over her leather battledress.  All she wanted was to strip down and feel Tom's arms around her.
            He didn’t live too far from her suite.  They both resided in an upscale section of the settlement.  Many of the single suites were studios rather than having separate bedrooms, but this section went all-out with the amenities.
            She entered the well-lit living room.  It was the middle of the night, and all the lights were on.  Tom was nothing if not dedicated to his job.  It was his life.  The poor man needed to stop staying up so late working on his proposals.  Or maybe he was planning their engagement party.
            She slipped the bedroom door open quietly and peeked in.  It was empty, the bed still neatly made and curtains wide open.  She shrugged out of her long jacket and headed for his office.  Damn workaholic.
            When she opened the door, a quick indrawn breath was all she took before her head went from zero to a hundred on the fury scale.  Tom leaned back on his desk, office supplies scattered on the floor.  His pants were at his ankles and her sister, also naked, straddled his hips.  Their faces would have been comical to her if she wasn’t such a violent person when violated.
            Two long strides brought her to them before they could even move.  She grabbed Amber by her extensions, ripping her head backward as she landed two hard, bare-knuckle punches straight to her face.  Amber screamed, blood pooling from her nose and fat lip.
            “You.”  She pulled out her katanas and pointed one down at her sister, crumpled and crying on the floor.  “You should learn some day not to screw over someone who can beat the living crap out of you.  I have no love for you, so you’re damn lucky I don’t kill you.”
            “Baby!  Please, this isn’t—She's not—”
            “Shut up,” she said to Tom, much calmer than she felt.  “I have nothing to say to you anymore, and there’s nothing you can say to me to fix this.  I’m keeping the goddamn ring.”
            With that, she spun and rushed to her suite, grabbing her jacket along the way.  Her insides were jelly and her mind took on a circular spin.  She’d been enraged, angrier than she’d been in a long, long time.  But she didn’t feel the pain yet, just a barren numbness in the middle of her chest.
            Throwing her jacket to the floor, she hurried toward the bar and ran directly into the brick wall of Sen.  She plopped straight down on her behind.  At first she started to get up, but then just sank down and laid flat on the hard, cold floor staring up at the ceiling.  She said nothing to him when he crouched down next to her.
            “Sorry.  I didn’t mean to surprise you.”  She still said nothing.  “What is it?”  She shook her head.
            “I can’t do this tonight.  I can’t talk right now.”  Her voice seemed dead, Sen-like, even to her.  He took her hand, trying to haul her up.  “Just leave me,” she said, pulling her hand away.  Then she looked at the ring.  The red gem inside the diamond was an evil eye laughing at her.  She pulled it from her finger and rolled it away from her on the floor.  Sen frowned.
            “Did you make the wrong choice?”  She didn’t even have the energy to glare at him.
            “I always do,” she whispered.  He scooped her up as he would a sleepy child and placed her softly on the couch.  She watched him move back to the bar to pour a drink for her.  Then she chugged the shot like it was water.  He brought the whole bottle over before sitting next to her.

Aw, it's alright, Rainee.  It's not so terrible.  It leaves the door wide open for Sen, a man who's truly good all the way to his core, even when he's bad!  ***When he asks about making the wrong choice, he's recalling an earlier conversation when he'd asked her about love:
        “I know it’s hard to understand this, Sen. It’s different with Kindred because you know. You feel it right away when you bond. You don’t have to go through all we do to find out how we feel. All we can do is hope we get it right. You hope you make the right choice.”
Thanks everyone for coming by.  Everyone who signed up should be posting today or tomorrow so make sure you get around to the others listed at Romancing the Blog!


  1. That's certainly the most direct way of getting the bad news.

  2. One of the better entries I've read so far. Nice job.

  3. Surprised Rainee didn't kick both of their asses!

  4. Hi,

    Hee hee, I was quite expecting Rainee to give Tom a karate-chop to his you-know-what. :o My God, she's really good at anger management - I'd never have that sense of restraint! ;)


  5. Wow, that was incredible, I admire her restraint with Tom! I'd never be able to be that calm. LOL. Would love to read more about her and this man called Sen! ;)

  6. I was more than ticked, and I don't even know the guy! Great post!

  7. yes you're right about the blogfests being too darn hard to resist. I only had time for the genre Mash-up blogfest this week.

    You have a unique writing voice.

  8. @stu-lol, no misinterpretation there!

    @Wendy-Thank you. Yours as well :)

    @Alex-hehe, he'll get his soon enough...

    @Francine-she's had plenty of experience with men like him, but she just wasn't expecting him to end up like them. Truth is her sister hurt her more than Tom did.

    @Talei-Welcome to my blog! More from this WIP here and here and here. Wow, I've been using this WIP a lot lately.

    @Cinette-And the worst is he seemed different to her, the most far-removed from this kind of act.

    @eeleenlee-Thank you! I'll have to visit you and check out your entry.

  9. Quite the bit of bad news and man does she act fast. While I tend to have calmer characters, it felt well within her character to act the way she did. Well done on the blogfest entry.

  10. I like her reaction. Instead of falling on her face and wailing, she pulls them apart. Nicely done.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  11. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. And I love that name, Rainee.

    I'm so sad I missed the rest of the blogfest, but it's great to meet you and I'm glad I found your blog!


  12. Ouch, that is REALLY bad news! She really should have given Tom a good punch too!

  13. Wow, great piece. I wanted her to use the katanas on that dude -- hopefully later in the story. Talk about sibling rivalry. Wonderful! :D

  14. Hi, so glad to find your blog and thanks for becoming a follower on mine. This post is just great. You have a way with words. Love the name too. My daughters middle name in Rayne so it jumped right out at me. It's not something you hear very often and finding that special name for a character that hasn't been used to death can be grueling. I look forward to reading your posts.

  15. Burn! At least she got a couple punches in. I have a feeling she won't be wearing that ring for too long...

  16. Hellooo! Hope you are well, I have a lovely award for you at my blog, please come by when you can. ;)

  17. Rainee is a fab name your piece was amazing!!! I loved this!! These blog fests bring out the best in people! Or the worst, lol considering the blog fest rules!

  18. I've nominated you for a blog award. Visit my blog for details!


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