The Books

Elder Enslaved, Bk 1, WIP
        Emma seeks an enemy Kindred's aid to end a war between their races, but finds it a bigger battle to deny an attraction to him that could get him killed. Her past demands she deny the relationship between them, but to heal Gabe and bring peace closer to Elah, she’ll have to let go of her fear and find strength she thought she didn’t have. She’ll need it to gain a treaty between races who’ve fought for decades and to fight for a love that defies family, biology, and culture.

Paladin Reclaimed, Bk 2, WIP
        Rainee had a use and lose policy on men until a terrorist bombing brings her Kindred teammate, Sen, up close and personal while they track down the ones responsible for Kindred deaths before the peace treaty between their races disintegrates. When the Reaper falls for the alien Kindred never meant to mate, her moment of weakness will destroy his life and her happiness along with it unless she can convince him to accept what he's become and embrace a life of free will. The task is more complicated when she can't even accept herself.

Healer Released, Bk 3, WIP
       Bozant was the life of the party, until a violent battle takes life as he knows it from him. His only chance of recovering any use of his legs is to trust the ethereal Kindred healer who forced his crippled survival when all he wanted was death. When nothing he does penetrates her somber innocence, he thinks he's had enough of her, until she disappears without a trace, a fugitive from her own kind. Now nothing will stop him from finding her, not his legs, his tortured past, or an impending world war.

A Lesser Evil, WIP
       The cop lives and breathes by the rules The gypsy lives and breathes to bend them. They are destined to love each other from afar until a curse forces them to find the middle ground or lose each other forever. Caleb's black and white vision ensured he'd never have a relationship with Ruby, the gypsy holding his heart, but after his role in the death of his gypsy's younger sister, he's forced to see through other eyes when a curse launches Caleb from body to body. Now he must hold his memory without jumping lives and convince Ruby to withdraw the curse before his own body dies without him in it. The problem is she has no idea who he is each time he finds her and no knowledge of any curse.

Love Fail, WIP 
       In his ancient existence, Nehf has never failed in his duty to his master until he meets a woman whose inner light strips away the darkness smothering him. Nehf's mission is to bring Paul and Ren together, but he wants Ren so badly for himself, the task could either ruin him or drive him to crush her ability to love.  If he takes what he wants from her, he could destroy the very heart that makes his beat for her. 
Many more to come...