Monday, November 15

Breaking it down

        I noticed recently I tend to write fairly short chapters compared to other writers, and it crossed my mind there may be one of those famous "rules" regarding chapter length so I poked around the web.  Apparently there are no rules.  Wow.  Imagine that.  We actually have some freedom in deciding where to break our story into delicious bite-sized bits!

        Some people write their entire story straight through before they even think about breaking out the chapters.  Others use chapters to create a rhythm in the story, to control the pace.  Some authors use chapters to separate POV shifts.  There are writers who set their chapter breaks so they don't exceed a maximum number of pages or maximum reading time.  Personally, my scene shifts are my chapter breaks, and I always end my chapter with some sort of hook, like a mini-story.  I have twenty chapters in my 87,000 word manuscript.

        Where do you put your chapter breaks?  Do you set them while you're writing or afterward?  Is there such a thing as too short or too long when it comes to chapter length?  Do you prefer titled chapters or numbered?

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Tuesday, November 2


        Not really.  I can't say I exactly procrastinated because I was working on Day One.  I had five hours I wasn't working yesterday, and I spent one of those hours reading and four sleeping.  Nevertheless, I am a bit behind so I've gotta get my buns moving.  My region's in a word war with Brisbane, Australia, too.  It always motivates me to have someone else waiting for my words, lol.  If anyone participating wants to Buddy me, find me on NaNo under Jaded_Love_Junkie or search for my WIP, The Lesser Evil.  PS, Alex, you're kickin' my butt!

        For those of you who write romance, if you haven't heard already, Harlequin is hosting So You Think You Can Write, an editorial week, all week long on the Harlequin blog.  It's free and educational and gives you lots of opportunities to get your writing in front of the editors.

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        Is there anything different you do for NaNo?  Do you find write-ins helpful or distracting?  Does some competition help you get your word counts?  Anyone designing a cover for their book?  And for those who aren't playing NaNo, what's the weirdest thing you saw or did on Halloween?  Happy NaNo to those participating and Happy NonNaNo to those who could care less!