Thursday, August 30

Major Fail... and then a success story!!!

Okay, so the A to Z Challenge was a fail on my end. I had some issues with Blogger that kept me from a couple of posts, and then I got word that I was exiled. Yep, exiled. As a Navy Sailor, I don't really get to choose where I go, and my orders came to head to San Nicolas Island, ye land with little internet and no cell service. Thus: shoulda, coulda, woulda. I am thoroughly disappointed with myself. I am here, though, at Point Mugu and ready to get back to blogging. Lol, living like a vagabond in the barracks, but I had to give up my apartment for, ya know, the whole exile thing.

At any rate, I have news. Oh, yes, good news. I took leave to attend the absolutely amazing Romance Writers of America's Writer's Conference in Anaheim and had the best time ever. It's Disney World for romance writers, without a doubt. I thought I'd died on the way there and landed myself in heaven--met tons of new people, fan-girled over fav authors, met blog and Twitter buddies, learned a lot about craft and publishing, and came home with over $1500 in free books, mostly autographed. Wow. That's all. Just WOW. Go, if the opportunity arises for you. That is my advice :)

While there, I met the smart, wonderful, fabulous Nalini Akolekar of Spencerhill. It might have been my last minute scramble to get to my meeting with her on time, but I was so at ease with her, I didn't even need to hold my crutch (heh--my note cards). I felt really good about her. So we emailed back and forth a few times, and then I got The Call. And just like that, I am now represented by Nalini. Okay, well, no one ever said when the call came it would last an hour! But it was one fantastic, giddy hour, and if you've gotten the call before, you know what I mean. Did I forget to say it's like winning the lottery (and nearly as difficult)??? I think it multiplies your chances exponentially to meet agents face to face.

So what do you think? Are conferences effective, worth the price if you can swing it? Have you had more editor attention than agent interest like I have?

*PS, I have more good news, but it must wait until I have more information. Plus I have greatly missed being able to get on here and keep up with everyone. Glad to be back. Again...