Saturday, September 18

A Bastard of a Brownie...

        So my friend and co-worker, Graham, brought in some pretty darn superb brownies made from one of the greatest substances on earth--beer!  And of course, they were all gone by the time I found out he brought them.  Rly?  I am so thoroughly disappointed.  Graham will never hear the end of it until he brings more in and specifically has one available with my name on it. Don't these look luscious???

        I got an uber-ton (*loves inventing words*) of work done on my revisions.  My first WIP has exploded from around 73,000 originally for my first draft to over 83,000 now and still growing.  Note to self and any others peeps in revision:  make sure your revisions don't contradict anything later in the novel.  Yep, I added a scene that I love but I just realized it changes something down the road.  Hm, decisions, decisions.  Must fix this!

***In other news, I've moved my contests and blogfests off my home page to give them the space and dedication they deserve.  I try to update these frequently, so check the pages often.

***Next big blogfest coming up is the Top Ten TV Shows Blogfest on Sep 20 hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh, so if you haven't signed up yet now's your chance.

***And as always, don't forget my blogfest of feast, the Blogfeast, on Sep 23.

***Following her Blogging Trifecta Explosion, Elana Johnson got the ball rolling on a Great Blogging Experiment scheduled for Sep 24.  This is getting to be ginormous, guaranteed to have some info new and fresh to you.  Topic for this experiment is "Creating Compelling Characters" so sign up now if you'd like to share your insight for other writers.

***Lastly (only to give it emphasis), Lenny Lee at Lenny's World isn't feeling too good, so please swing by and send him some get well wishes.  He truly values the blogosphere love, so send a bunch to him.  For those who don't know Lenny, check out his blog and you can read about him on Candyland's blog.  You'll fall in love--guaranteed!


  1. I found it very odd that my current Work gained a couple of hundred words during the second round of editing, instead of losing a couple hundred words.

    But as they say, if you add on to a particular chapter in order for the rest of the manuscript to make sense, then editing in reverse is always a good thing.

  2. Thanks for mentioning tomorrow's Top 10 TV Shows and the Great Blogging Experiment!!

  3. The brownies do look luscious!

    Sounds like you are on a roll with your WIP revisions. Continued good luck with it.

  4. My OH would love those brownies!

    Thanks for the great links.

  5. Yummy! Thanks for all the links and updates :)


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