Monday, May 17

What Hunk of Circuitry Do You Read With? (...and Dear Author's posting my page!)

My first page will post on Dear Author this Saturday to be reviewed by the general public.  I will be utterly stripped naked to be macerated in the public eye.  I'm so nervous about it, I could hurl! (**biting fingernails**)  Someone tell me what I was thinking when I submitted myself to this?  I do realize truly that I did it for genuine feedback from other authors/readers, and I knew it could only challenge me to improve my manuscript.  But geez, my insides are twisting like a virgin's on prom night.

Anyway, enough about my upcoming roast and on to something I'm personally curious about.  If you've read my previous posts, you may know I'm not too techno-advanced (odd fact given that I'm an electronics technician).  I tend to read books the old-fashioned way with novel in hand, turning paper pages and dog-earing to mark my place (I know it's a sin, but they're my books, darn it; I do what I want).  I didn't even know what a Kindle was until recently.

I found some posts about the electronic reader technology.  I found the post on Dear Author to be pretty informative, but I'm still iffy on what to try out.  With all this mishmash of choices and features, I may just find it easiest to stick with my trusty old-fashioned, paper-lovin' ways.

So maybe you could help me decide what to try.  What reader do you use, if any?  Why is it the best choice for you?  How often do you choose it over a traditional print book?  What was it like to make the switch from print to ebook?


  1. Howdys.

    Thought I might able over to your blog, since you were kind enough to pick up on mine.

    Been reading it this morning and I think it's fascinating piece of schtuff, thus I returned the favor.

    Sometimes the only way we can grow as writers is to post snippets (or in my case, whole stories) of our stuff and let the general public take a whack at it.

    I've managed to get quite a few tips from that feedback that I've applied to my general purpose writing.

    I wish you luck, because it's gonna be a long, hard, bumpy and fun road that you're traveling on.

  2. Totally agree! I've found a lot of great ways to improve because of comments about my snippets :) I'm generally pretty good about accepting feedback (I worked on my college newspaper for two years), and I like it honest.


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