Wednesday, May 5

New Design!

I've updated the design of my blog, and I really think I'm liking it quite a lot.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Unfortunately, I can't get it to display properly at work, but it helps when you don't run a fossil of a browser like IE 6!!!  It's just lovely on my Firefox portable.

Well, a couple more additions to my blog:  I decided I'd add a page about the books I'm working on.  You must check out the page because the pic is delish(!)  and very creative on the part of Mr. Lluesma, who has artistically removed the real man's actual tattoo (a line of text) from his ribs and added the gorgeously done new ones.  The amazing fact is I described Gabriel's tattoos before I ever saw Javier's photomanipulation that pretty much dead on matched what I envisioned.

Oh, yeah.  Almost forgot.  I will also post little clips from the book each week.  Yes, my family & friends, this is for you because it's the only way you'll ever read any of it, you darn non-paranormal, non-romance readers!  No offense to the few who have read for me.  Alas, my kids are too young to read the adult content.

Anyone else have troubles getting loved ones to beta read for you???

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