Tuesday, January 31

What are you reading?

Here's a little wrap-up o' reading for January. I read a grand total of twenty books. Check out the link titled The Reads at the top of my blog for my final list. Twenty sounds like a lot, but a few of them are novellas. I think I normally read more than that. This month, I've been busy with my big editing workshop and kind of set the reading aside more than usual. Now I've signed up for yet another workshop in February so we'll see if I can beat the past month.

I've already fangirled a little over Anne Gallagher's books and also at the end of this post here over Roland Yeomans' books so I won't beat you over the head with it. I do want to add a couple more favs from this month's list. Some of these I encountered because of the Romance Reading Challenge for January. This required me to read the first of a new series, an erotica novel, or a romance with a teen protagonist. Of course, I chose to do all three challenges. Roland's Legend of Victor Standish was my teen protagonist read, though the book isn't all-out romance. The romantic elements are absolutely all over this series.

Yet another historical series has surprised me. I read two Italian Medieval historical romances by Jannine Corti-Petska, and now I can't wait for another one to come out. She did an amazing job pulling me into the place and time and into the culture without getting away from the story or losing me in too much detail or in dry facts. I loved the heroes and heroines, and I hope Niccolo gets his own story soon *hint hint*

I tried the erotica, though I normally shy away from them. I've read too many baaaaaad ones in the past, and I don't mean bad in the good way ;P However, I read Doubled by Charlotte Stein, and the characterization and relationship development were superb and the love scenes were blazing.

And last but definitely not least, there is Zoe Archer's Devil's Kiss, the first in her Hellraisers series. What better kind of conflict is there than the conflict with oneself? The heroes of this series are cursed with gifts of ultimate gain. Their biggest battles are between what they think they want vs what they truly need. I couldn't put this book down. It was absolutely a straight read through. Man, 4 am is a crazy bedtime!

So what's on your nightstand or on your e-reader device? Have you delved out of your usual genre lately? Has anyone set a goal to read more this year? What's the most books you've ever read in a month (and yeah, you can count school assignments I suppose)? Is anyone entering Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award for the chance at publication via Penguin? OK, that last Q was random, but I'm curious...


  1. I've read books by both Anne and Roland - excellent writers!

  2. My reading has dropped down considerably over the past four or five months, simply because I don't have that much free time anymore.

    But when I do, I often go back to my first love of non-fiction. The other day, I picked up a book from Mary MacDonough called "What I Learned from Walton's Mountain", which I plan on reading at work.

    And interestingly enough, reading the blurbs on the back from former co-stars lead me to another book that I'm going to search for written by Allison Angrim called "Confessions of a Prarie Bitch".

  3. Definitely, Alex! You're lucky to be a critiquer, too!

    G, it's hard to squeeze time in sometimes. The end of last year was very slow for me because I was pretty busy writing. I read non-fiction sometimes, too, mostly military (specifically about SEALS and spec ops) non-fiction. On my TBR for this month is SEAL OF HONOR, the story of Lt Michael P Murphy and Operation Red Wing. I'm gonna cry most of the way through that one :( I first read about the op in LONE SURVIVOR, which had me in tears, too, lol. The movie should be out soon for that.

  4. That is a lot of books - even with novella's.

    I haven't read any of Anne's books yet, just because I've read regency romance in the past and can't seem to get into the stories. I need to check out her books though, she's such a wonderful person to get to know.

    I read the first Victor Standish novel too. I've read several of Roland's books, but I have a lot of authors I'd like to read and so I've set his books aside for others.

    My Kindle has about 60 books on it right now, at least 40 of those written by my blogging friends. I'm so far behind on my reading! I'm a slow reader to boot, and don't have a lot of time for it.

    But, I just finished Nancy R William's Treasures of Carmelidrium; yes its a romance, but it also has a fantasy/action plot. Really good read, if you're interested. And I won an ARC from Michael Offut for Slipstream; wow, the world building in this geeky/techy world is brilliant. The novel is set to release early May. I'm currently reading Dog Of The North by Tim Stretton. Excellent novel; one I want to sit and do nothing but read and finish.

    I think its so cool you can read so many books. I was looking over your lists - I want to read some of those in your The Books tab. I love fantasy and urban fantasy.

    I'm glad to see you back in the blogverse again Angela. I missed you while you were gone. I hope the Navy life is still treating you well - you're so busy and it can't be easy to be estranged from your family so often.

    Have a good day Angela. I'll see you around the blogs :)


  5. Hi, Donna:) I totally feel you on the overloaded Kindle thing! I've got a huge TBR, but I'm still always looking for good reads, so I appreciate the recommendations. I'll have to add them. I read a variety, and I never know what I'll be in the mood for.

    I am super, warm-fuzzy flattered that you like the ones listed under The Books because those are my manuscripts. I'm hoping to pitch a couple of them at RWA Nationals in July. Trust me, the books are better than the blurbs. I'm terrible with the blurbs, lol.

    Thank you so much for coming by. I'm very happy to be back and catching up with everyone!


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