Sunday, January 1

A kind of addiction

Oh, don't look at my screen like that! I'm talking the good kind of addiction, the writing kind. It's such a great one to have because it means the words are flowing and the word count is climbing. LOL, of course it doesn't mean the words aren't garbage, but if that was too horribly important in a first draft, NaNoWriMo wouldn't exist!

My most recent addiction, cause ya know it comes and goes, is to my new WIP, a vampire paranormal romance. Man, I never thought I'd write a vampire novel, but it grabbed me by my pen hand and dragged me right through it. So my good addiction news: I started a week and a half ago, on Thursday, with an 8,000 word count. I'm now at 35,000 words *happy dance* and it still won't let go of that pen hand. What a great kick-off for the new year! Why can't this happen every time? Only down side is I'm supposed to be in revision mode with another WIP right now. Oh, well. Gotta love it while it lasts...

In other news, tomorrow is the first day of Savvy Authors EditPalooza and I'm psyched about it. I found Savvy Authors via one of my dear RWA San Diego Chaptermates, Melissa Cutler (who btw has two shiny new contracts with Harlequin and Kensington *cheer*). Savvy Authors has a bazillion workshops and great articles on everything writerly. This is also where I found Jodi Henley and her character arc workshops. Amazing! I had my greatest writerly AHA! moment on the first day of her workshop. I highly recommend taking one of hers, especially you fellow pantsers. This was the ultimate plotting for pantsers instruction I've ever received.

Now, I haven't been completely glued to the keyboard. I've been catching up on my TBR list. My most recent reads: Anne Gallagher's A WIFE FOR WINSBARREN (sweet historical novella with an original hero who made my heart melt), Lisa Kessler's NIGHT WALKER (hot paranormal with a drool-worthy hero, cover to match, and a vivid setting), Linda Thomas-Sundstrom's Veronica and the Vampire (fun,quirky paranormal with an original premise--lol, vampire pick-a-date), Stephanie Draven's THE FEVER AND THE FURY (erotic romance novella with compelling hero and heroine--they're supposed to be killing each other, yeah, right!) I've read several others over the past week-ish, but these are my favs.

Next up TBR is CATCHING FIRE and MOCKINGJAY. I got sidetracked after reading the first one, but now Sondrae got me wondering which side of the love/hate fence I'm on with this series, and seeing how the first movie comes out in March, I'd thought I'd find out. First, I want to get to Anne G's THE LADY'S FATE. Stieg Larsson's taking a back seat for now. Don't know if I'm in the mood for reaaaaallly long books!

So what's your good addiction news? Any writing progress? Reading? Who's working on revisions from NaNo? Who's waiting eagerly for 2012 releases? Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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  1. I can't even imagine writing that fast. Whoa...
    Addicted to playing Skyrim? I know, one more day and then I'll get it under control!

  2. Wow - that's a lot of words! :)

    I'm definitely addicted to reading and writing - there's a lot of joy and fun to be had!

  3. @Alex I heard good things about Skyrim, but also heard it still has a few glitches. Plus there's a really powerful god-cheat for it somewhere. Anyway, it's a new year. Doesn't the counter start over???

    @Jemi I don't think I've ever written this fast before. Waiting for it to fizzle any minute now, lol.

  4. Good Addiction: A certain 6-month-old boy.
    Writing Progress: Um... uh... ha ha, no. (See "Good Addiction.")

    But 35,000 words in 10 days? That beats my best by about 30,000 words. It's as if your vampire characters struck a vein and now you're just bleeding out onto the page... but, you know, in a good way. May your pace not slow till you reach the end.

  5. Have a great 2012. And thanks for saying such nice things about me and Matthew on Alex's blog, Roland

  6. Go YOU!! That's fantastic. Gotta love that progress.

    Thanks for the shout-out and if you're interested, A HUSBAND FOR MISS TRENT is out for free on Smashwords if you want to download it. I think Mr. Merrit is kind of drool worthy too. I stare at the cover for hours. lol

  7. @Nate Haha, I do like this kind of bloodletting. Aaaaaahh, yes, da bebes! How I remember those days fondly (now that they're over). It's hard to squeeze writing time in when you've got little ones. They somehow find a way to make up for all the work you put into them ;)

    @Roland Sooooo good to be back on the blogosphere. I've certainly missed your posts, and you deserve the attention. You're talent and creativity amazes me! I had your badge on here for the longest time, but I took it off recently so I could update everything. I'm working on it slowly but surely.

    @Anne Oh, chica! I just finished THE LADY'S FATE last night a few hours after I started. I couldn't put it down. I blame you for my exhaustion this morning, lol. This series makes me happy, and I am really loving Lady Olivia and Penny. They are such socially powerful lifesavers! And thank you. I will definitely get the download.

  8. Angela,

    Thanks for the shout out! I'm so glad you've found Savvy Authors worth your while. I love that place and give it major props for helping me on my journey. As for addictions, I'm more addicted to writing than ever, which is a great thing because I have actual deadlines now. Thank you for being such an awesome RWASD chaptermate!

  9. WOW!!! You are powering through the word count!!!

    Thanks so much for the shout out for Night Walker!!! I'm glad you fell for Calisto too... I love him so much! LOL

    While I'm waiting to get edits back again for Night Demon, I'm writing the novella, Night Thief and it's been SUCH a BLAST!!! Over 3,000 words today... I love these characters! :)

    Happy New Year!!! And keep on typing!!! LOL

    Lisa :)

  10. @Melissa OMG, I couldn't imagine having deadlines! I'm feeling the pressure for you. It's good to have fellow addicts to support your addiction ;) I'm soooo happy about SA. My editorial mentor is Entangled Pub's Kerry Vail.

    @Lisa That's an amazing amount of writing! Don't you love it when the characters jump off the page and pull you in? I can't wait to hear the release date for Night Demon!

  11. Wow, you've been busy reading and writing! I love it when I'm writing too. I hope you have lots of success with Editpalooza!

  12. Thank you, Clarissa! Love it from Day One, but the first assignment makes me cringe. I have to read front to back as if someone else wrote it, as a reader. Ugh! I've read it a BAZILLION times. How can I not edit as I go???


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