Tuesday, August 31

Feels so good to go home!

My beloved family...

        I can't say how incredibly good it was to spend time with the hubby and kids after being away for six months.  It's indescribable.  I can say I'm a little more energized, recharged.  I just sort of wind down without them after a while.  We didn't even need to do anything together for me to enjoy it.  We did, however, catch up on Season 3 of True Blood!  This picture isn't the most recent, but I love it because they are for once all looking toward the camera and smiling.  Soon, hopefully by next summer, I will be home for good...

       Before I leave the blogosphere for the evening, I wanted to share another 'thank you' to my writerly bloggies.  I found recommended often on the blogs the book On Writing by Stephen King.  The book's been out for a while, but I'd never read it until I found it, a new, shiny hardbound copy, at a thrift store for $5. Money more than well spent I say.  It's not that I didn't know already about most of the writer's toolbox he offered.  I learned most of that as well from the blogosphere.  It was his story, his writerly journey.  There were parts of it that brought tears to my eyes.  Yes, my eyes.  I don't cry over books!  It's a good read, and I also put my stamp of approval on it as a recommended read for writers.

        Some quickies on Contest & Blogfests:  Don't forget to join mine, the BLOGFEAST, on Sep 23.  Stretch the theme, be creative, and bring a bloggy appetite.  Oh yeah.  About that word count thingy... well, er... I'm having trouble with the 500 roundabout count.  Both of my potential snippets run around 600-700, so whatev.  Write what you will.  I've yet to see a Blogfest post not worth the read.

        If you're catching this post today before midnight EST, jump over and enter Brad's contest to win a complete boxed set of Charlaine Harris books that inspired the HBO series True Blood. 

        If you'd like to win some great books from Lisa and Laura while they're out on their vacay, head over to LiLa's blog every day this week for a book a day giveaways. 

        Next upcoming blogfest (that I know of at the moment anyway) is Stephanie's Haiku Blogfest on Sep 3/4.  Don't know how to haiku?  Instructions are on her site.  Anyone can do it!

        A couple of pitch/query-type contests are around.  Check out the Gate Keeper's contest by Sep 3.  And tomorrow you won't want to miss the special guest @ Operation Awesome tomorrow.  You may want to have your logline/pitch ready *just in case* something crazy happens.

        So who'd I miss?  Anyone feelin left out in the cold because yer not in my sidebar?  If it's not there, then I don't know about it yet.  Comment or shoot me an email if you've got something special coming up.  I'd be happy to win promote your blogfest/contest.  Anyone else having some good family time lately or have a great, must-have book to recommend for writers?


  1. I can feel your happiness at being home and with your family shining through your post, Angela. Bless you.

    The On Writing book is a must for any writer!

  2. Enjoy being home with your family - wonderful :)

  3. So glad you were reunited with your family! Six months would suck.

  4. So glad you got to recharge with your family :) And the part of On Writing where King talks about how his daughter was sick and needed anti-biotics that he couldn't afford gets me everytime! That book is one of my faves cause he's so straightforward and honest...Love it, glad you found one! Thx also for posting about the contests

  5. Family time is important- I'm glad you are back with them, there's alot of contests/blogfests going on this September...Thanks for posting mine on your side bar

  6. Angela,
    Just wanted to let you know I've got you down for all 4 entries into my contest. And thanks for helping to spread the word! Good luck, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family! :D


  7. In my mind, The Elements of Style (Strunk & White) is essential to every writer, even if a few of the grammar references seem a little outdated these days. Then again, I am a (kind and gentle) grammar snob.

    As for family, I'll be gaining a new one tomorrow. Should be a lot of fun. Enjoy the time with yours!


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