Tuesday, November 2


        Not really.  I can't say I exactly procrastinated because I was working on Day One.  I had five hours I wasn't working yesterday, and I spent one of those hours reading and four sleeping.  Nevertheless, I am a bit behind so I've gotta get my buns moving.  My region's in a word war with Brisbane, Australia, too.  It always motivates me to have someone else waiting for my words, lol.  If anyone participating wants to Buddy me, find me on NaNo under Jaded_Love_Junkie or search for my WIP, The Lesser Evil.  PS, Alex, you're kickin' my butt!

        For those of you who write romance, if you haven't heard already, Harlequin is hosting So You Think You Can Write, an editorial week, all week long on the Harlequin blog.  It's free and educational and gives you lots of opportunities to get your writing in front of the editors.

        Don't forget to enter my Mad Lib Contest.  Send me your words by November 15 and win some books! 

        Is there anything different you do for NaNo?  Do you find write-ins helpful or distracting?  Does some competition help you get your word counts?  Anyone designing a cover for their book?  And for those who aren't playing NaNo, what's the weirdest thing you saw or did on Halloween?  Happy NaNo to those participating and Happy NonNaNo to those who could care less!  


  1. This year's Halloween was pretty pedestrian, but last year I was manning the door while at the same time trying to finish a Halloween influenced short story.

  2. Go Angela, Go Angela...just passing encouragement for NaNo. :)

    Weirdest thing I saw this Halloween was a lady in Sam's Club. I described her on my blog. To put it mildly, she should not have been in public :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. LOL, I saw a guy in IKEA with a lil' poodle tucked under his arm. He was a tall, thin bleached blond with a wife beater on. It was pulled up and tied in a knot in front. His jeans were low-rise letting his bright pink thong show over his hips. The worst part of this was it wasn't anywhere near Halloween! Hey, it could have been worse. He could have had a tramp stamp.

  4. I've just buddied you up.

    I've been thinking about a mock cover for my nano book to keep me motivated. I'll be doing it next week when I'm on holiday.

    Good luck for day four!

  5. Hi Angela, sorry i've not been about for a while, though I feel I've been non-stop blogging. I did do a halloween haiku microfiction and blog party which was fun. I'm not doing nano, so I'll send you some supportive vibes instead. I'm trying to perfect my short story technique at the mo'. have you designed a cover for yours? :O)


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  8. I haven't designed a cover yet, but I've got some ideas and possible pics for it. I haven't gotten much writing done yet, but I imagine I'll catch up once I get back from our underway. I'll have to push out a high word-count to catch up :)

  9. No, I'm not participating in NaNo. But I've got my own word-count goal going on this current WIP - a short story sci-fi. I have determined to finish all about 7-9 thousand words by 11/30 :) A seriously tough committment for me, I assure you.

    I'll be posting my mad libs words tonight.

    Hey, don't worry about being behind. When you get the time, you'll be right where you want to be in no time.

    Hope your having some fun on your Underway.


  10. I'm not a fan of Nanowrimo because the one time I participated I wrote 50,000 words of crap that I never used. I found myself putting down any old garbage just to make the word count, which was a waste of time for me. But I SHOULD be doing something similar this month as a means for finishing the revision on my book. Too bad I didn't think of it BEFORE November was halfway through.


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